Directed by Craig Murray, Music Composed by Adam Spade “Ex-military attempt an interception of an HVT from an illegal government black-ops mission.” This short film was created in a very short time for the Operation Paul Revere Contest on The entire score was created in merely a few days. A blog posting with Composer Commentary is available here.

Compositions by Adam Spade

Unique and non-traditional compositions for movies, television, and video games. (no templates)


Current Status

Adam is currently working on an original score for the feature film VERMILION.

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State of the art production studio!

  • Multiple Pro Tools systems (including HD)
  • Massive virtual instrument libraries (including Vienna Symphonic Libraries)
  • Full orchestra capability
  • Top of the line preamps and microphones
  • 5.1 surround sound
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Analog recording console available




Compositions by Adam Spade

Unique and non-traditional compositions for movies, television, and video games. (no templates)


Need an organized producer for your project? Or perhaps an assisting producer on your team to help with the load?

Sound Design

Creative sound design, Foley, and dialogue editing for your project. (no sound snatching necessary)


Screenwriting, editing, and dialogue for your independent project or script.

Marketing & Distribution Strategy

We love independent projects. But let’s STOP risk taking and START selling.


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“I am blown away. You took my no-budget short film and made it sound like a big-budget indie film.”

Brian Pearce

Director, Stick figure Pictures

Credits / Bio


ONE (Short film) (2014) – Producer, Sound Engineer

SQUASHING SPIDERS (Video Game) (In production) – Producer, Game Designer, Composer

UNSOUND (Feature film) (In production) – Composer, Consulting Producer

ON YOUR HANDS (Music video) (In production) – Director, Producer, Screenwriter

POOL OF INNOCENCE (Feature film) (In pre-production) – Screenwriter, Composer

MINDFLIGHT (Feature film) (In pre-production) – Screenwriter, Composer

VERMILION (Feature film) (In post-production) – Composer, Consulting Producer

BLACK PIG BEER (Commercial) (2014) – Composer, Sound Designer

ARX: END OF SUN (Video game mod) (Contributor) – Composer, Sound Designer

XAUREX (Video game) (In production) – Producer, Game Designer, Composer, Screenwriter

VO5 FREE YOURSELF OF FRIZZ (Commercial) (2013) – Composer, Sound Designer

BETA TEST (Short film) (2013) – Composer, Associate Producer

ILLUSIONS OF LIFE (Short film) (2007) – Composer

Film Composer, Adam Spade SHORT BIOGRAPHY

Adam Spade is a Composer, Producer, Screenwriter, and also a Web and Technology Consultant. He grew up in the 1980’s, giving him a special appreciation for the pop and progressive rock culture, the Nintendo Entertainment System, Transformers, and of course, an empty glass of Tang.

(continued) He is currently working on several projects, producing multiple films, video games, as well as the scores for two other feature films, while taking on the scores for short films in his free time.

Adam has been referred to as a “monster songwriter”. He has written well over 1,000 songs and, for years, would write 10 songs daily. However, he is not fond of fame and prefers to stay out of the limelight, licensing his music rather than performing.

Adam is a skilled guitar player, playing 6, 7, and 8-string guitars, and drawing influence from artists like Dream Theater, Steve Vai, and Iron Maiden. He has also shown a natural ability to play piano, drums, as well as sing, and he continually studies new instruments. However, his focus remains on composing and writing.

Recently, Adam co-founded Uncaged Media LLC, a web solution company, Uncaged Entertainment LLC, a production and distribution group, and concurrently with Uncaged Games LLC, an interactive game development company, where he serves a small development team as Project Manager and contributes where needed, along with co-owner and programmer Callum McRae, of Canada. Adam has also recently co-founded a marketing company with offices in two countries, and is Vice-President and Senior Broker at Hai Group LLC.

To contact him, use the CONTACT FORM.

“After 10 minutes on the phone I knew Adam was the right fit to deliver a captivating score for our film Beta Test. I threw the basic raw-material requirements at him, and in short order he delivered a provocative sound that was woven within visual elements of the story and layered with stealthily, executed allusion.”

Craig A Murray

Director, Key Intel Media


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1-866-581-7522 x301 Film Composer, Adam Spade


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